Flexible for the Wind

Be Flexible One of the first lessons a photographer learns is to be flexible. A few months before moving to Georgia I went to a wind farm to photograph the rising of a full moon. It was somewhat overcast, but I went to the meet-up with the group of photographers anyway with the hope that … Continue reading Flexible for the Wind

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park

A short post this time around. Short because the real post is an Adobe Spark Page linked below. Spent a recent (7/16/18) morning visiting Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. It was a great visit, but I will definitely need to return to see what I missed and to hike around some more. Of the 15 … Continue reading Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park

snowy morning

Our Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland in the Backyard You might know, we recently had a little bit of winter weather here in Georgia. Before the snow arrived it had been unseasonably warm. Snow fell throughout the night on Friday and by the time morning rolled around two to three inches had fallen at our house. Almost all of … Continue reading Our Winter Wonderland

Lake Zwerner, Georgia

3 Tips for Fall Color on a North Georgia Trip

It's our first autumn living in the southeast. Georgia to be specific. Coming from California we really only knew two seasons, and depending on where you lived the two could have various names. Hot / Not Hot Dry / Wet Fire / Not Fire Shakey / Still The only leaves we saw change were the … Continue reading 3 Tips for Fall Color on a North Georgia Trip

Basic beach, no frills

Shop Images More pictures from this trip are posted here. Yesterday (Monday 11/21) my photo outing took me to Solana Beach. It's a basic beach. No frills, but a great walk. It was a break from our normal Del Mar vacation habit of going to San Diego at least once during the week. That's okay. … Continue reading Basic beach, no frills


The Moon and the Stars Which You Have Set in Place

It is one of those things that is only seen about once a year, and this happens to be the time. There are two dead trees just off the road. I drive by them every day on my drive home. Around mid-autumn, just after the ritualistic changing of the clocks, the full moon rises at … Continue reading The Moon and the Stars Which You Have Set in Place

Sitting on the beach watching surfers by a pier

Winter in Southern California Can Be Brutal

Winter in San Diego, CA. (Dec. 2013) Winter in southern California can be brutal. A sweat shirt is often needed to brave the cool breeze coming off the Pacific Ocean where daytime temperatures could dip down below 65 degrees. Ocean Beach is one of the most popular communities in San Diego. The historic pier is … Continue reading Winter in Southern California Can Be Brutal