Whimbrel at Del Mar Beach

Walking on the Beach in Del Mar

We were vacationing in Del Mar, California last month, enjoying walks on the beach everyday and a few travels around San Diego. We spent one day in Pasadena to see the latest show our son was working on. Even though there were a few other things we did, this year our vacation was really about … Continue reading Walking on the Beach in Del Mar

Basic beach, no frills

Shop Images More pictures from this trip are posted here. Yesterday (Monday 11/21) my photo outing took me to Solana Beach. It's a basic beach. No frills, but a great walk. It was a break from our normal Del Mar vacation habit of going to San Diego at least once during the week. That's okay. … Continue reading Basic beach, no frills

Glory, Majesty, and a Del Mar Sunset

Buy This image takes us back a few months to winter. Yes, winter. Southern California has some of the best winter weather anywhere, and a Del Mar sunset on the beach can be just incredible, especially in winter. It's the clouds. Everyone knows clouds are a rarity in Southern California, especially in summer, so we … Continue reading Glory, Majesty, and a Del Mar Sunset